Serving One Another

Spiritual Gifts

If you have completed a spiritual gifts inventory (whether it was one given to you by DAC or elsewhere), submit your results in link above.

Ministry Opportunities

Interested in serving in a specific ministry, click the link above and the appropriate leader will contact you to tell you more and potentially help you get started!

Buildings & Grounds - Pending Tasks

There are many on-going building and ground projects here at DAC.  Whether you're officially on the B&G Ministry team or simply enjoy working with your hands, contact Mark Neely or the churchoffice and let us know which task you would like to tackle!
Mark Neely, B&G Ministry Team Leader


September 8, 2017

Connections Ministry Lunch & Meeting
September 17, 11:45am-1:15pm

The Connections Ministry (greeters, ushers, coffee team, and follow-up team) will have a lunch and meeting after the second service in the café. If you haven't already, please let Wendy know if you will be able to attend (, so we can plan for the lunch count.