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There are a number of ways to stay connected at DAC.  A few helpful resources provided are the @Derwood newsletter and church directory.  Sign up to receive the newsletter or enter your information to be included in the directory!
If you haven't set up a free Right Now Media account, or if you have, but you haven't checked into it in a while, now is the time to jump online and check it out!  Sometimes referred to as "Christian Netflix," Right Now Media is an online library of over 15,000 Bible studies for small groups, families, students, leadership development, and more.  Their children's programming options alone are abundant.  You can access this online library for free with an account through Derwood Alliance Church.  Let the church office you would like to create an account and then watch your email (check your spam) for next steps.  The tools are available for you to take the next steps on your spiritual journey!