Great stories must be told and our story began 50 years ago.

The birth of a church in Montgomery County was the vision of the 16th Street Alliance Church in Washington, DC (now First Alliance Church in Silver Spring).

It was an exciting day as eight charter members and 15 guests gathered for our first service at Rock Terrace School in Rockville on November 7, 1965.

During the following months it was evident that God was at work. In January 1967, we were able to buy land on Redland Road to construct a building in 1970—and to launch the ministries that God would use to make such a significant spiritual impact on our local community and beyond.

In 1988, what began as a Bible study of only three led to the birth of the Rockville Hispanic Alliance Church.

Later, around 125 of us helped start Hope Alliance in Germantown on Easter Sunday 1990. Derwood was born as a church plant and now we were beginning to plant churches of our own.

In 1991, Derwood loaned several families to help begin the Washington International Church in Washington, DC. And in 2000, we provided the resources and the people to help start the Washington Alliance Japanese Church.

With each season of ministry and the changing dynamics of the surrounding community, there is a need for a renewed focus on the Gospel and making it make sense to those around us. We are excited to be in a strategic areas of Marlyand and the country and are praying that God will use us in a powerful way to influence the influencers.