January & February 2018

Note from Pastor Mark
As lead pastor, Pastor Mark leads the church within the boundaries set by the BOG.
“Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere. And pray for me, too. Ask God to give me the right words so I can boldly explain God’s mysterious plan that the Good News is for Jews and Gentiles alike.” Ephesians 6:18-18 NLT
As we begin this new year, my prayer is that we would be people that seek the glory of God and are consistently praying for people to be transformed by Jesus, including us. As a church we are praying for a minimum of 12 people to be transformed by Jesus and baptized this year. I believe that God is still transforming lives and wants us to be a part of that, and I hope that you will join us in this pursuit.
Prayer (Praying for a Team Leader)
We desire to be a church that prays eagerly and are seeking out a point person to raise the temperature of prayer in and beyond DAC. Would you consider this and if interested please contact Pastor Mark.
Pastor Mark - dac.markt@gmail.com
Worship Team
The Music and A/V team provide a quality and distraction free environment to worship Jesus Christ.
If you are interested in joining the worship team, talk to Hector, and if you are interested in the A/V team, contact Matthew.
Hector Ayerdiz – hayerdiz@gmail.com
Matthew Sutton – Sutton.matt22@gmail.com  
Missions Team
The Missions Team helps launch us on mission.
If you are interested in volunteering to serve on an event or the mission’s team, which encompasses both global and local missions, contact Laura Hessler.
Local: We continue to serve around Montgomery County and are excited for the launch on the Farmers Market on April 21st. If you would like to volunteer, click here.
Global: We were honored to host John and Sue, serving in Asia, and Jay and Beverly, serving in Congo as C&MA international workers at our Spring Global Encounters 2018.  We heard powerful stories of people's lives being transformed and churches being established in minority people groups.  About 80% of DAC households connected once or more during the week with some powerful events, including the Feast of Nations, Tales from the Far East, and Taste of Paris.  Still more people connected at Vision Youth and Sunday morning worship.  Our children participated in their own parallel conference, "Get in the Game."  19 people committed to pray; 4 people committed to go; 9 people committed to tithe; $526 was collected as a gift to the international workers with us; $8,860 was raised for the Paris missions trip; $1,360 was collected in onetime gifts, $10,240 was committed in regular giving, and $15,220 was committed previously to the DAC missions fund.  A huge thanks to all who are praying giving, going, and helping to send, and to all those who worked to pull off an amazing week together.  May we be people who are launched on mission and partner with God to see lives transformed globally and locally!
Laura Hessler - llhessler@gmail.com
Explorers Children’s Ministry
Children are at the prime age for connecting with Jesus, and we love engaging them with prime ministry!
On February 25, we announced that Bethany Clemmons will be serving as our next Children's Ministry Director!  Praise God for his faithfulness and Bethany’s willingness to respond to God’s call. The transition is underway for her into this position, and we are excited about Bethany's leadership going forward.
On January 7, we had an elementary team lunch and meeting, and welcomed new team member, Joella Liddle.  Since its introduction in the worship gatherings on December 31, our elementary team has started incorporating the Bible Timeline from Watermark Church in Texas to help our children get a better sense of the big story of the Bible.  We extend our thanks to Tim Allen for getting us back to the big screen and big speaker AV use that our children love. 
Vision Youth Ministry
Vision Youth is a vital part of training up the younger generation of disciples and leaders.
Over the past two months, the students have been studying the book of John.  After each chapter read, they have taken time to address any questions, thoughts, or observations that occurred during the reading. We have also had discussion around the recent school shooting and the effects this is having on the each of them. Please be praying for our youth and leaders.
Tim Allen – timothy.allen@derwoodalliance.org
Small Groups (Jen Ashby)
Small groups are a great place to make friends, pray, study the Bible, and live on mission.
On January 7, we had a small group leaders dinner and training.  Of these six leaders, three are leading for the first time this semester.  The six groups launched this semester represent an increase from four groups the last two semesters.  We have fifty-six unique individuals participating in groups, which is an increase from forty-five and forty-two the last two semesters.  Some people are participating in more than one group. Each group is covering a different topic, and in groups where we are using published material, we have intentionally included authors representing different ethnicities and both genders. DAC small groups are the place to be!
Jen Ashby – jen.ashby@derwoodalliance.org
Connections Team
At DAC, we value authentic community and our Connections Team plays a big part in connecting us in community.
Please continue to pray that we do a good job in connecting guests with the church.
Wendy Geraci – wendydms@hotmail.com
Building and Grounds
God has given us a great location and property and we strive to be good stewards of these gifts.
If interested in helping contact Mark.
Mark Neely - MarkNeely@havtech.com
The Gathering
On January 10th, we gathered as a satellite location with other C&MA district churches to pray for God’s continued move in our district and beyond. We are excited to be a part of God’s work in the C&MA and pray that God will help is become even more effective in proclaiming the gospel on word and deed in this area.
On the first Sunday of February, DAC had the opportunity to celebrate the baptism of Kyle and Chinh Ott. Congratulations!
Marriage Conference
On February 10th, Mark and Nami Trinkl hosted six couples gathered for a one-day video driven marriage conference by Paul Trip titled, “What Did You Expect.” It was a great day to focus on having healthy marriages and recognizing our need for Jesus at the center of it all. Thank you to all who attended and help to make this possible.
We are actively pursuing and apprenticing new leaders. We desire to be a church that empowers people into servant leadership positions. If you are interested in discovering how you can use your gifts in abilities at DAC, please let us know.
The staff manages ministry and meets weekly.
The staff went on an overnight retreat in February. This was a great time to eat lots of food, connect with one another, allow Hector to get to know everyone a bit more, worship together, and talk about mission, vision, values and our three-year ministry cycle that is being developed. We are excited to be a part of all God is doing at DAC!
The Elders shepherd and give spiritual oversight to DAC. 
DAC’s elders meet monthly for a time of prayer and discussion on how to best provide care for the church. Please pray with us. Also, if you ever need prayer, please let the elders know through your Sunday Prayer Card.  They would love to pray for and with you.
Current Elders: Mark Trinkl, Evan Homan, Eric Zetterberg, Steve Beardsley, Kyle Ott, Andrew Black, and Mark Neely
Mark Trinkl – dac.markt@gmail.com
Board of Governance (BOG)
The Board of Governance sets boundaries for the Pastor and meets quarterly.
Our next meeting is on March 12th where we will discuss connecting culturally and review the principles, monitoring performance, and connecting with Christ.

Current BOG: Mark Trinkl (Chairman), Evan Homan (Vice Chair), Jim Mullen (Treasurer), Eric Zetterberg (Secretary), Andrew Black, Steve Beardsley, Sarah Luse, Trudy Schwarz.
Evan Homan – evanhomanelder@yahoo.com
Good Friday – March 30, 7pm-8pm
Spring Carnival – March 31, 10am-2pm
Easter – April 1, 9am & 10:30am
Derwood Farmers Market – Saturdays, April 21-September 29