Tim Allen, Director of Youth Ministries
Email: timothy.allen@derwoodalliance.org

I grew up in Vermont and was first introduced to the gospel in 8th grade. I was invited by some friends to go to youth group with them Sunday nights.  At first, I really enjoyed the music but then found myself listening to the words that were being sung.  This led me to open my ears to the messages the pastor gave each week.  This all started to peak my curiosity about Christ.  It was at the 2004 LIFE youth conference in Phoenix, AZ where God revealed himself to me in a very real way.  From that point on, God has been drawing me closer and closer to Himself.  After graduating from Nyack College in 2011, I spent time overseas in West Africa serving with the Alliance through soccer ministry.  God's calling on my life to work in vocational ministry first began take shape during this year in Guinea.  After returning to the U.S., I took a position as Director of Student Ministries at Journey Church in Morganton, NC.  In 2014, I moved to Maryland to marry my wife and have had the privilege of joining the staff at DAC as Director of Student Ministries.

Craziest Food Ever Eaten: Monkey

Favorite Hobby: Music and sports

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Lake Champlain, Vermont