Annual Reports




“But forget all that, it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” (Isaiah 43:18-19)
It has now been 8 months since my arrival at DAC. Time is flying by and I am excited for all that God is doing. He is bringing new life in many areas. Do you see it? Can you sense God at work? I do and am excited to be a part of God’s work here and hope that you will join me in my pursuit of God and his purposes.  In following are my thoughts of DAC and where God has worked, is working, and is taking us.
Thoughts on the history of DAC
 I have had the opportunity to look back at the history of DAC and see glimpses of what has formed us and where God needs to continue to transform us. With this in mind;
  • I have heard of DAC’s rich history of making an impact for the kingdom of God. I have heard stories of church planting, missionaries, international Bible studies, ESL programs, Youth Ministry, International Workers in residence, generous financial giving, and so much more. There is a rich history of people encountering Christ in and through the ministries of DAC, and this is to be celebrated. In November, we did Celebrate DAC’s 50-year anniversary, and I want to personally congratulate DAC on 50 years of influence in Montgomery County and beyond!
  • I have heard that DAC has weathered some storms through its history and seen a decline over the past 20+ years. Like any 50-year-old person, there have been struggles, and pain along the way. To recognize and admit the struggles and pain is important and DAC seems willing to admit these and allow God to intervene to bring healing, transformation, and new life.
Current happenings at DAC
There are many areas at DAC that God is currently working. I am excited to see where God is moving as we are committed to the Great Command: to love God and love people, and the Great Commission: to make apprentices of Jesus from here to the ends of the earth, with that in mind;
  • I see a faithful and resilient people who are growing in their love for Jesus and people. DAC, you have weathered many storms and held firm to Jesus and God is rewarding you for your faithfulness.
  • I see that we are a church that loves and cares for people. From hospital visits, financial assistance, babysitting, prayer, being a listening ear, investing in others and so much more. I see it again and again that DAC loves and cares for one another.
  • I see unity in the Staff, Elders, Board of Governance, Ministry Leaders, and Congregation. There is a sense that we are headed in the same direction and excited about the future. Let’s keep going and invite a friend a long!
  • I see a committed Staff that loves Jesus and loves this church. During this period of transition, the staff have remained committed and worked hard. Jen Ashby is to be commended for all of the transitional dynamics she has wrestled with over the last year and now taking on a significant role in managing Small Groups, Explorers Children’s Ministry, Lifetree Café, our partnership with MCCH, Missions Conference, and other things as required. This is not a light load but she is managing well and is to be commended. Linnea Allen has continued to develop in her role as an Administrative Assistant. She is a great manager of the daily operation around DAC and is a blessing to have on staff. Beginning in 2016, Katie Boss and Tim Allen have been brought more onto part-time staff. Katie Boss, as director of worship, is continuing and expanding her role. She is excited to lead people to the foot of the cross and develop this areas of ministry. Tim Allen, as Director of Student Ministries is laying the groundwork for the future with focused prayer, team building, seeing teens growing in their relationship with Jesus, and much more. Dana Zetterberg continues the behind the scenes bookkeeping. This is a vital part and she does a great job! To all the staff of DAC keep up the good work!
  • I am seeing a people who are serving the material poor in our area. The commitment to partnering with Montgomery County Coalition for the homeless (MCCH) is to be commended! To see the outpouring of both practical and financial support is a reflection of the heart of Jesus!
  • I am seeing a generous people. DAC you have given greatly towards the church and missions in the last year and because of this we were able to both finish with a surplus of over $30,000 in the general fund and send over $60,000 to the Alliance’s work world-wide. Praise God!
  • I am seeing leaders and volunteers being developed and released into ministry. We are seeing leadership development, new volunteers taking on different roles in ministry, and a growing excitement of what God is doing in many areas. The amount of people that invest in DAC is growing and is to be commended! Thank You!
  • I am seeing a growing church! From our Sunday service, to Explorers Children’s Ministry, to Small Groups, Vision Youth Ministry, Lifetree Café and more. There is new life springing up. I am seeing more people connecting with DAC and calling this church their home! Praise God!
Thoughts for the Future of DAC
It is great to talk about and celebrate the past and present. We need to take the best of our past and present into the future with us. Also, we must look to the future for all God has in store for us. I believe that we are only at the beginning and I am praying and seeking God’s direction for us. With that in mind, this is what I see so far for the future of DAC;
  • I see a church that takes the Greatest Command to heart and grows in our love for God and love for our neighbors. As each one of us pursue Jesus and his heart for our friends, family, community, nation, and world, we will see God’s love flow to us and through us.
  • I see a multiplying church that is fulfilling the Great Commission to make apprentices of Jesus.  I see us training and multiplying apprentices, leaders, small groups, ministries, locations, and churches. As we focus on God’s purposes and invest in people, God will multiply DAC for his glory and purposes!
  • I see a church that is made up of the nations. We have many nationalities in DAC currently but I believe that God desires to grow our diversity even more and have that diversity reflected in every areas of ministry!  God has gathered the nations at our doorsteps and it is to see them encounter Jesus, be trained, and sent back as witnesses.
  • I see a church that worships God and creates environments for people to experience God. God has given us a powerful music ministry and I believe that he wants to use this in an even greater way in the future. I desire to have people encounter Jesus every time they step in these doors and music is one of many powerful mediums.
  • I see generations encountering Jesus. From the newborn to the 90-year-old. I believe that God desires us to invest in all generations. I do believe that we need to specifically invest in the 20-40 year olds who are putting down roots in the area. This is where we will see individuals and families encountering Jesus through DAC.
  • I see a praying church that seeks God for his supernatural intervention in our lives, our homes, communities, state, country and world. Prayer is the primary work of God’s people and I see us being a praying church.
  • I see us taking faith filled risks. That we step out in faith to see God use us both here and to the ends of the earth.
  • I see us staying true to God’s Word and not being swayed by every new thing that comes along.
This by far is not a comprehensive list of the history, current happenings, and future plans, but this does give you a taste of my heartbeat for the church and the world. I believe that God gave me the verses in Isaiah 43 for DAC that he is doing a new thing here! Do you see it? Do you sense it?  I do! Others do! And my prayer is that all of us will be people who love God, love people and make apprentices of Jesus from our neighborhoods to the nations!
- Mark Trinkl, Lead Pastor
Pastoral Search:
The Derwood Alliance Church Pastoral Search Team, appointed by the DAC Board of Governance (BOG) in late 2014, finished its work of recommending a Pastoral candidate on March 22, 2015. The Search Team members included Eric Bennett, Beth Campbell, Wendy Geraci, Jim Mullen, Bob Thompson, Tom Wissink and Eric Zetterberg. We had our first meeting on October 18, 2014 followed by a second meeting, with C&MA Mid-Atlantic District Superintendent Doug Conley, on October 26. The team then generated a church profile document that was made available to all potential candidates, as well as created and conducted a church wide survey to gather information about desired characteristics of a new pastor.
Eight pastor resumes where provided to the DAC search team by the District Superintendent. These resumes were prayed over and reviewed by the search team with six being selected for Skype interviews. By the time the interviews where scheduled two of the candidates had accepted other positions. All four of the scheduled Skype interviews were conducted with very positive results. The second step was a schedule of more detailed interviews again with positive and insightful results. The third step was to schedule three couple candidates (Pastoral candidate and his wife) to spend a Saturday being interviewed face to face by the Search Team, the BOG and the Staff.  This resulted in the final step which was a candidating weekend at DAC with Pastor Mark and Nami Trinkl.  The weekend included the candidate preaching on Sunday morning, March 22, 2015 as well as several other events throughout the weekend. The weekend events were designed to ensure everyone in DAC had more than one opportunity to interact with Mark and Nami. 
As all who were involved know it was a very successful weekend.  Many people got to spend time with Pastor Mark and Nami and we had a great service on that Sunday morning.  By that Sunday evening, March 22, 2015, the Search Team had made its recommendation to the DAC BOG to call Pastor Mark as the new DAC Lead Pastor. This resulted a recommendation from the BOG to Rev Doug Conley to extend the official call to Pastor Mark to be the new DAC Lead Pastor.  Pastor Mark officially accepted that call on March 29, 2015.
Finally, I would like to publically thank the Search Team for their dedication and commitment to Derwood Alliance Church and the work Lord in the process that resulted in the arrival of Pastor Mark and Nami - Praise the Lord Indeed!
- Tom Wissink, Search Team Leader
Senior Pastor Transition:
As 2015 began, we were heavily invested and working hard (with much reliance on God) in our pastoral search process, after our former Senior Pastor, Doug Conley, was elected to be the Mid-Atlantic C&MA District Superintendent in 2014.  We conducted several rounds of interviews with a few pastoral candidates, and finally God led us to choose Rev. Mark Trinkl.  An offer was extended, and he accepted on March 29, 2015, with a start date in late June 2015.
From Mark’s acceptance letter:
I am excited about how God has led the church, my family, and I to this decision. I am waiting in anticipation to see where God is going to take us as we begin this journey together. God …has made it very clear to me that God is bringing us together. I am excited to come and begin a new season and to be a part of what God has planned…
We as a congregation are also very excited to start this next chapter of our corporate life, to reach those in Montgomery County in God’s name.  Mark and Nami’s personalities, gifts, leadership, and fervor for God are exactly what we as a church need as a catalyst to be effective in ministering to those around us.  The transition to Mark’s leadership has been smooth, and he has quickly come up to speed on the policies, procedures, etc. of the church, as well as building strong relationships with the staff and congregation.  (If you haven’t been invited to dinner at their home yet, your turn is probably coming!)
Mark’s immediate priorities have been to reinvigorate prayer among us, and to invest in leadership development.  Mark also walks his talk.  One example is that he is here early every Sunday morning, and walks through the rows of the chairs in the sanctuary, calling on God to work among those who will be sitting in the seats, that He will show up in a powerful way.  He has a passion for developing leaders at all levels, as well as a desire for personal development for all of us in our spiritual growth.
We also want to thank our Interim pastor, Dr. Randy Corbin who led us for the first few months of 2015, until his “full” retirement, when he and Linda moved to Pennsylvania to be closer to family.  We truly enjoyed his tenure and were blessed by his wisdom and leadership.
And finally, speaking of wisdom and leadership, we cannot express enough thanks to Jen Ashby for her steady leadership during the church’s multiple transitions of 2014 and 2015.  She was DAC’s steady foundation and kept the wheels pointed in the forward direction during this time.  Her behind-the-scenes and in-front-of-the-scenes work ensured that we would not be rudderless during any of these transitions.  For that we are all eternally thankful.
- Evan Homan, Board of Governance (BOG) Vice Chair
Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless:
In light of God’s heart for the materially poor as expressed in Isaiah 58 and throughout Scripture, we continued to build a partnership with Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless.  We came into the year already having established the once a month bagged breakfasts for the Home Builders Assessment Care Center on Gude Drive.  In June, we organized an awareness and fundraising walk in the neighborhood.  In October, we got involved in Operation Homecoming, and provided furniture, household items, food, and move-in help to James and Megan, a formerly homeless veteran and his fiancé.  We also collected items for another family, and those items are currently in MCCH-provided storage as we await the green light to move in the family.  Also in October, we extended an open invitation to MCCH to use meeting space at DAC, and then we hosted one of their training events.  This fall, Pastor Mark got his first tour of HBACC, and Jen attended the MCCH VIP party on behalf of DAC and had the opportunity to network with other “major partners.”  God is opening doors, and we are excited to be following Him in this partnership.
- Jen Ashby, Executive Director of Ministries
Lifetree Café:
As one piece of being witnesses of the Gospel right here in our “Jerusalem” (Acts 1:8), we continued to host Lifetree Café twice a month.  Lifetree Café is a conversation café where people gather to discuss life and faith.  We trained and integrated some new Lifetree Café hosts throughout the year, and welcomed new friends to these conversations, many of which seemed significant to where people were on their spiritual journey.  Looking ahead, our Lifetree Café team is regrouping, and will be discerning God’s plan for this ministry.
- Jen Ashby, Executive Director of Ministries
Mission’s Conference:
We had the privilege of hosting Jack and Diana for our 2015 Missions Conference. They shared about their ministry in a creative access region of Europe referred to as the Green Mountains. We also held a women’s outreach event called Kindred Spirits which was very successful as well as a GO Party for people who have sensed a call to go across cultures with the Gospel.
- Emily Harr, Missions Team Leader

Youth Ministry:
In the summer of 2015, Vision Youth Group had a large number of outreach events, such as movie nights, game events, and other community activities.  From these events we saw many of our regular attending students bringing friends and we have continued to have a solid representation on Wednesday nights. 
Going into 2016 we are excited for our trip to LIFE 2016 and excited to see how God is going to work through our students and raise up young leaders.  This year we are continuing to focus on individual discipleship and growing young leaders from our ministry to carry God’s love and word to those around them.   
- Tim Allen, Youth Director
Children’s Ministry:
Children are a vital part of the Church… right now!  Toward the close of 2015, we were having about 28 children ages birth-5th grade attending on Sunday mornings, and over 45 adults and youth regularly serving in children’s ministry.  Members of the team hosted another memorable children’s missions conference in February, and Trudy and Dave Schwarz hosted several special events at their home throughout the year.  Our growing children’s ministry will mean some changes early in 2016 to keep up with what God is doing!
- Jen Ashby, Executive Director of Ministries
2015 was a great year for worship ministry at DAC. Our goal continues to be that people would be lead to the foot of the cross. We believe at Derwood that God has placed us in our community for a purpose, and worship is part of that. The team continues to grow, and we welcomed several new members. Some other changes that took place include the purchases of both an iMac and Pro Presenter 6 for the sound room. Contact our Worship Director, Katie Boss, if you're interested in becoming part of what God is doing through the worship and A/V teams!
- Katie Boss, Worship Director
Small Groups:
Small groups are an optimum environment for transformation, friendship, and living on mission together.  Our adult small groups met in the winter/ spring and fall semesters, and included a number of people who were participating in DAC small groups for the first times.  The winter/ spring groups engaged with a variety of different subjects, and the fall groups tracked together with the Sunday morning worship gathering series on the book of Ephesians.  Our groups laughed, ate, served, prayed, played, and studied much.  And as of this writing, winter/ spring 2016 groups are shaping up to be great.
- Jen Ashby, Executive Director of Ministries
Spring Carnival:
The annual Spring Carnival, held for the past five years on the Saturday before Easter, is more than games, more than face painting, more than a moon bounce and more than a ton of teeth-destroying goodies. It is, primarily, a way to engage with our immediate community and show them the person of Jesus in a friendly, no-obligation manner. People come because they are just driving or walking by the church and see all the activity, from numerous notices sent to local schools and radio stations.  And many come simply because they have come year after year, often to have Jim Mullen take their picture (or their kids' picture!) with the Easter Bunny. When they do that, or sign up for one of the many door prizes, they provide their email address, which is used to invite them to future events at the church. Our goals this year was to have one family attend Easter services and to add 20 names to our email list -- we had two families attend Easter and got an amazing 47 new email addresses. Many of those people do not have permanent church homes and it is always our hope that those folks will find a safe place among us to either start or continue their faith journey.
- Ray Boss, Spring Carnival Director
Building & Grounds Stewardship:
Living Waters Church, a Korean United Methodist congregation, and Evangelical Missionary Church, a Brazilian independent congregation, continue to use Derwood Alliance Church as its home building.  Over the summer, DAC welcomed a third congregation, Grace Community Church.  GCC, another Christian and Missionary Alliance congregation, have utilized the building for their weekly worship practice and prayer gatherings.
DAC continues to open its doors to Alcoholics Anonymous for their Monday and Friday gatherings along with other various facility requests such as health screenings, elections, funerals, weddings, and more.
- Linnea Allen, Administrative Assistant

There have been a handful of changes to DAC’s “digital front door” over the summer and fall months.  The church website was upgraded to the latest version of Church Web Works, our website provider.  This upgrade has resulted in a fresh new look for our site that receives updates on a regular basis. The @Derwood Newsletter also received an upgrade.  This weekly communication was given a simplified format that allows the reader to get the information they’re looking for with a quick click on their computer, phone, or tablet.  An Instagram and Twitter account were created for DAC over the summer, as well.  Now, along with our Facebook page, the church has a well-rounded social media presence. 
All of these changes cohesively work together to give visitors an idea of who we are as a church body and allows our regular attenders to stay up-to-date with the latest announcements, events, and Sunday messages.
- Linnea Allen, Administrative Assistant